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Admin / Manager functionality description

  1. Sometimes you may not have all specialists in house, you may use outstaff services or freelancers. Anyway they should be involved in time billing for a client and they probably shouldn't be put inside your internal structure according to security reasons.

    Our software allows to bind a task to a Jira project without adding a necessary specialist to your Jira or other internal spaces. And your client is able to see the specialist, his or her time and pay for it. Simultaneously you check the hours and can pay for outstaff or freelance services according to the tracked time

  2. You require a strict management and time control for each project.

    AStime extracts a necessary project from Jira into his interface including all tasks, assignee and their descriptions. When inside an extracted Jira project appears a new task, the tracker knows it and uploads the new tasks to the necessary project. It helps to monitor the terms and execution of each uploaded project.

  3. Needs to check all projects and their statuses to meet deadlines for all clients

    AStime allows to see statuses for each project and each employee assigned. Just use necessary filters to check all of this information

  4. You need quickly add a client into a tracking system and connect the client with the necessary project

    In our admin account we have a functionality to quickly add clients in two clicks and connect each client with the necessary projects. If there are several stakeholders that want to see the tracked data, it’s okay, you can add all of them easily. It saves your time for management, reports, planning, etc.

  5. You need to check timelines and make sure a particular project meets deadlines

    The tracker allows to choose a necessary project and see each employee assigned and a whole statistic for the project

  6. As a project manager you need to check the performance of an employee

    Here just need to use the filters and that’s it. All the tasks for a particular employee are visible, you can review them and make conclusions

  7. You are able to choose what tasks are included for a bill and what aren't

    We have the functionality to turn on/off checkboxes of the tasks we need to bill. If a developer was slow, we can turn off some tasks to keep the trust for a client and not send an invoice for more work then was expected

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Client functionality description

  1. Building trust relationships and increase the retention rate of current clients

    Your clients are able to have their own accounts with the data of the tracked time for their projects. It increases the trust and transparency in your relationships

  2. Create transparency with ongoing and attract new clients

    The filters inside a client account allow your clients to observe how much time is spent on each task and a project in general. They are able to see whether a team is within the budget or not.

  3. You would like to increase trustability to make an upsale or extend a dedicated team

    Due to transparent filters inside a client account each client sees the time data of the necessary project and tasks for each allocated specialist, the client can make planning and see where each penny goes. This transparency creates a good climate for bills sending and making relationships warmer for upselling and other profitable doings.

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Employee functionality description

  1. Your employees don't have a tool to track a progress and it affects on deadlines

    AStime displays the time data for each employee according to a project, and you can immediately see what employee works within an estimation and what no. It gives you data that can be used in different ways, work with processes, check a team performing index, take part in salary questions discussion.

  2. You think that your team may work faster, but you need to have data to work with it

    The tracker has a functional employee dashboard where an employee is able to see tasks from Jira, create their own project and tasks and receive them from the admin of your organisation

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