About us

A short summary of AStime

AStime is a unique time-tracking software that helps companies to track how much time their employees work. AStime allows you to add your clients and provides them with the ability to see the necessary time according to the necessary projects and employees including their time and manipulation of their time. More detailed information is here https://astime-tracker.com/tutorials/

Top 3 unique features
1) Two-way synchronization with JIRA
AStime takes data from JIRA such as project name, employee assignment, estimate, task name, task description, name of the column on the board in which the task is located. AStime returns JIRA time data for each task directly to the task card in JIRA.
The key point – in other solutions, to connect the JIRA account to the time logging platform, you need to be tech-savvy in many ways, register API keys and so on. In AStime, you just need to press the NEXT button a couple of times, and synchronization takes place. Even a child can do it.

2) Functionality of workspaces
This allows you to be an administrator, employee, and client within one account without leaving the account. You just need to go to the workspace, where there will be a separate infrastructure, projects, tasks. If another admin invites you as an employee despite the fact that you are an admin in your company, then you will see the workspace of the employee and, if necessary, you will enter there, work and contribute time.

3) Download reports
You can download reports in PDF and JSON format. This is a unique functionality that is available only in AStime on the market
Please, see the article https://medium.com/@yarax/common-format-for-time-tracking-first-steps-293b00ca3a84

You can meet us at the Atlassian Marketplace as well – https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1230306/astime-tracker?hosting=cloud&tab=overview

Our Team

Our small story

We just wanted to be transparent and successful in working where we are. There have been used so many tracking software we can’t even count and remember. But none of them was suitable for us according to many reasons. It made me sad. Then some time ago I thought about creating a tool that would be easy to use, understand, and useful for us as a team and for other users that faced the same issues. And that tool would contain all functionality we needed to cover all our flows. That is why we've developed the AStime.

Andriy / CEO at AStime

IgorProject Manager
IvanTeam Lead
DmitryReact Developer
JuliaHr Manager
AlenaProject Manager
MaximQuality Assurance
Over 10 000 users
More then 500 new tasks daily
More then 1 000 clients receive transparent reports