Time counting for a client

As a responsible person you can connect a necessary project, people with the necessary client. The time will go to the client’s account

Choose tasks to bill for a client

We have the functionality to turn on/off checkboxes of the tasks we need to bill. If a developer was slow, we can turn off some tasks to keep the trust for a client and not send an invoice for more work than was expected

Checking employee performance

Here just need to use the filters and that’s it. All the tasks for a particular employee are visible, you can review it and make conclusions

Project workload checking

The tracker allows to choose a necessary project and see each employee assigned and a whole statistic for the project

Adding a client to bill

In your admin account, you have the functionality to quickly add clients in two clicks and connect each client with the necessary projects. If there are several stakeholders that want to see the tracked data, it’s okay, you can add all of them easily. It saves your time for management, reports, planning, etc.

Workload functionality checking

AStime allows seeing the statuses for each project and each employee assigned. Just use the necessary filters to check all of this information