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Astime Tracker is your new productivity ally. It is your ally in managing time and completing things; it is more than simply a time tracking tool.

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Astime Tracker is your new productivity ally. It is your ally in managing time and completing things; it is more than simply a time tracking tool. This time tracking software offers is as follows:

Easy Start: Say goodbye to intricacy. With just one click, start working on your features, move between them with ease, and allow Astime Tracker to adjust to your pace.

Efficiency Templates: Put an end to tedious typing. Create task templates to help you save time for more important tasks by automating routine entries.

Reports with Deep Analysis: Examine your productivity habits in detail. With the comprehensive reports that Work Time Tracker offers, you can make well-informed decisions for growth.

Why should you choose us?

Key benefits for

CEO Head of Operations Other specialists Project Management department

The filters inside a client account allow your clients to observe how much time is spent on each task and a project in general. They are able to see whether a team is within the budget or not.


Your clients are able to have their own accounts with the data of the tracked time for their projects. It increases the trust and transparency in your relationships


Our software allows to bind a task to a Jira project without adding a necessary specialist to your Jira or other internal spaces. And your client is able to see the specialist, his or her time and pay for it. Simultaneously you check the hours and can pay for outstaff or freelance services according to the tracked time


The tracker has a functional employee dashboard where an employee is able to see tasks from Jira, create their own project and tasks and receive them from the admin of your organization


AStime displays the time data for each employee according to a project, and you can immediately see what employee works within an estimation and what no. It gives you data that can be used in different ways, work with processes, check a team performing index and take part in salary questions discussion.


As a responsible person you can connect a necessary project, people with the necessary client. The time will go to the client's account


We have the functionality to turn on/off checkboxes of the tasks we need to bill. If a developer was slow, we can turn off some tasks to keep the trust for a client and not send an invoice for more work than was expected


Due to transparent filters inside a client account each client sees the time data of the necessary project and tasks for each allocated specialist, the client can make planning and see where each penny goes. This transparency creates a good climate for bills sending and makes relationships warmer for upselling and other profitable doings.


Here just need to use the filters and that's it. All the tasks for a particular employee are visible, you can review it and make conclusions


The tracker allows to choose a necessary project and see each employee assigned and a whole statistic for the project


In your admin account, you have the functionality to quickly add clients in two clicks and connect each client with the necessary projects. If there are several stakeholders that want to see the tracked data, it's okay, you can add all of them easily. It saves your time for management, reports, planning, etc.


AStime allows seeing the statuses for each project and each employee assigned. Just use the necessary filters to check all of this information


AStime extracts a necessary project from Jira into his interface including all tasks, assignee and their descriptions. When inside an extracted Jira project appears a new task, the tracker knows it and uploads the new tasks to the necessary project. It helps to monitor the terms and execution of each uploaded project.


Visual Progress Tracking: Show off your accomplishments by breaking down the how time tracking works visually.

Visual Progress Tracking: Show off your accomplishments by breaking down the monitored hours visually. Observe your progress and maintain your motivation.

User Experience: Easily go through your duties with ease. With its user-friendly app design, Astime Tracker makes tracking time simple and available to everyone.

You may access your tasks whenever and anywhere you like. Sync Astime Tracker between devices: pause the timer on your phone and begin to track  online. Right at your fingertips: convenience.

Free Features with No Restrictions

Take use of Astime Tracker’s free basic features and feel their strength. Become a member now to improve your productivity.

Are you prepared to jump? Astime Tracker is about owning time, not simply managing it. Enroll right away to make efficiency your new standard!

Effective Budgetary Control

Apart from time monitoring, Astime Tracker is essential for efficient project budget management. Comprehending and managing project costs is essential to guaranteeing its triumph and financial gain. This employee tracking app makes budget management easier by enabling real-time track of your progress and logging of project expenses. You may make well-informed judgments to improve budget allocation and obtain important insights into resource consumption by keeping precise spending records.

Smooth Integration

Budget monitoring is easily included into Astime Tracker’s intuitive user interface. Expenses related to each job or project may be easily logged, clearly categorized, time keeping and comprehensive repors can be generated for examination every week. By doing away with the need for several budget management systems, this integration will streamline your process and save you a significant amount of time.

A key component of project management is financial control. Astime Tracker facilitates the tracking of project budget and working as a timer.

Employee hour tracking software should be simple at every phase of the undertaking. You can keep track of every expense using Astime Tracker, including work, server maintenance, payroll, and other charges. This gives you the ability to evaluate expenses precisely and decide on project budget management with knowledge of weekly hours.

Astime Tracker allows you to manage different current costs, account for labor at different rates, and limit overtime. With the use of this employee tracking software, you may replace conventional budget tracking techniques and get more precise and effective control over project money.

Examine and modify the entries for your particular budget

Each entry in this budget monitoring program may be edited by hand. One may:

Change the name of your costs in your workspace

Designate entries as complying with the budget or not.

Flip between several projects and tasks

Change the start and end dates of the activity, costs and hours amount.Each team member in your project has access to a personal budget dashboard where they can review their spending and pinpoint areas where they can save costs. You will get access to a timekeeping tool that tracks weekly spending totals for both individuals and groups as well as the amount of money spent.

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