Articles 06 Feb 2023

Client functionality

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AStime has 3 different roles: admin, client, and employee. In the article, we’re going to describe “Client” role.

Client role has different capabilities unlike the Admin role, so, let’s talk about them:

1) Ability to see projects where he/she has been added;

2) Ability to see tracked time inside your projects;

3) Ability to filter the time by filter parameters: today, this week, last week, etc;

4) Ability to search for a task by a search functionality;

5) Ability to see the time statistic inside a project for allocated workers, and according to each worker separately;

6) Ability to count hours and minutes in the calculator;

7)Ability to use the platform in English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Deutsch, French, Portugal languages;

8) Ability to create an admin workspace or to be invited as an employee if it needs;

The client role has its own functionality. The platform also contains a light/black theme, the functionality of work-spaces, where you need to have only one account, and all interactions are conducted inside one account. You can be added by another admin as a client, and you will see the workspace, or you can create your own admin account inside your account. So, you can manage everything in one place.

The video about the functionality is here –