Articles 06 Feb 2023

Admin functionality

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AStime has 3 different roles: admin, client, and employee. In the article, we’re going to describe “Admin” role.

Admin role has many capabilities, let’s consider them:

1) Ability to connect AStime account with JIRA account;

2) Ability to add/delete employees;

3) Ability to add/delete clients;

4) Ability to see tracked time in the dashboard;

5) Ability to create “Managers’ Projects” and assign tasks for employees inside an account. It is a functionality of a task management system;

6) Ability to be an employee in a click and track time as well;

7) Receiving notifications about the task where the time estimation is exceeded by an employee;

8) Ability to use the platform in English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Deutsch, French and Portugal languages;

9) Ability to count hours/mins using a calculator.

It’s in a nutshell about functionality. The platform also contains a light/black theme, the functionality of workspaces, where you need to have only one account, and all interactions are conducted inside one account. You can be invited by another admin as a client, and you will see the workspace. So, you can manage everything in one place.

The video about the functionality is here –